January 28 Meeting: Resistance and Repression in Gangjeong

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Please join us for the first Amnesty G48 meeting of 2012! RESERVE A SEAT THROUGH OUR FACEBOOK EVENT. Besides learning about the situation in Gangjeong, we’ll be planning a field trip, discussing 2011’s campaigns, and setting up new coordinator roles to increase our level of activity this year.

If you are interested in getting more involved and focusing on a specific area such as women’s human rights, the arms trade, migrant workers, LGBT rights, etc, please make sure you attend this meeting as we will be forming coordinator roles. We are also looking for members to take on more active roles in proposing meeting topics, actions and to help us get the website back up and running.

Resistance and Repression in Gangjeong

Time and date: 4 – 6pm, Saturday, January 28.

Place: Amnesty International Korea Office (near Hapjeong Station, exit 8), 3rd Fl. Geumag Bldg., 454-3, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (see map below).

The South Korean Government is constructing a US$970 million base in Gangjeong, a small village on Jeju Island which is a UNESCO-designated Global Biosphere Reserve. This construction is taking place against overwhelming opposition from the local community (one vote put the total at 94% against) which has been waging a nonviolent resistance movement for the past four years. An increasingly large number of arrests have taken place over the last year with police indiscriminately targeting community members including village leaders, young students and elderly residents alike. The planned base would accommodate 20 warships and would be open for use by US ships. While the Navy claims that the base will serve to strengthen Korea’s national defense, the majority of Gangjeong’s residents and a growing number of peace activists around the world are concerned that the construction of the base would in fact increase insecurity in the region.

Amnesty G48 January Meeting: Repression & Resistance in Gangjeong

Saturday, January 28, 4pm – 6pm, Amnesty International Korea Office (3rd Floor, Geumag Building, 454-3, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)


1) Welcome and introductions – All (10 mins)

2) Electing campaign/issue coordinators – All (10 mins)

3) Brief background to the issue – Tom (10 mins)

4) Documentary screening of Al Jazeera’s, “A Call Against Arms” (25 mins)

5) Break (5 mins)

6) Open discussion – All (35 mins)

– The anti-base movement

– Police repression

– Testimony from activists

7) Planning a group trip to Gangjeong – All (5 mins)

8) Summary of the 2011 Palestine Peace Solidarity Korea report on SK-Israeli Relations – Orlando Forbes (10 mins)

9) Wrap up

10) Dinner to carry on discussions?

We’ll watch a 30-minute Al Jazeera documentary following two members of the village, trace the history of the nonviolent resistance struggle, and look at the increasing level of arrests and police force being used against villagers in preparation for a field trip down to Gangjeong Village in March.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom on amnestyseoul@gmail.com.


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