South Korea: Disposable labour: Rights of migrant workers in South Korea


Index Number: ASA 25/001/2009
Date Published: 21 October 2009
Categories: South Korea

With the implementation of the Employment Permit System (EPS) in August 2004, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) became one of the first Asian countries to legally recognise the rights of migrant workers. Now five years into the EPS work scheme, migrant workers continue to be at risk of human rights abuses and many of the exploitative practices that existed under the previous Industrial Trainee System still persist under the EPS. In this report Amnesty International identifies areas of concern such as recruitment, health and safety, detention and working conditions.

South Korea: Policing the Candlelight Protests in South Korea


Index Number: ASA 25/008/2008
Date Published: 6 October 2008
Categories: South Korea

Candlelight protests in central Seoul against the resumption of US beef imports began on 2 May 2008 and continued for more than two months. The protests were for the most part peaceful but there were sporadic incidents of violence. Amnesty International monitored the policing of the protests and this report considers the areas of concern identified by the organization: unnecessary or excessive use of police force, including the misuse of police and security equipment during the protests; arbitrary arrest and detention; a lack of adequate training of the police; and a lack of police accountability.


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